Sunday, June 12, 2016


Oh wow.
Hey look.
The beach weather is here.
Isn't that great?
About the beach weather?
It is.
I mean, I love swimming.
I love the picnic. The Pringles that are a part of our beach days.
I love the warmth and my kids' golding hair. Watching them swim and play and enjoy.

But I wonder.
I ask you.
What happened to this?

To this bathing suit?
Where did it go?
I am not sure it should have gone away.
Not in June.
Not in June with Irish skin and aging elasticity.
I think this suit would work well in June.
I get not wearing it all Summer.

Like for July, maybe this:

My friends and I could add this number to our beach rotation. 
That is OK with me. 
And we could take this fun picture all together? 
Who wants to? 
Want to get some of these bathing suits and take a fun picture? 
AND save our skin health the WHOLE time? 
Yes, me too.

Look at August! 

We are sharing a little more thigh. 
Look! A little more chest. 
That makes sense. 
Gather the last bits of vitamin D on the double Ds. 
(Or on the A minuses. Whatever.) 
We can end the summer in these outfits and have a real fun photo again. 
We can share it on Facebook with tags and location. 
It can read JCC! or Good Harbor! or Wingersheake-shake-shook whatever beach. 
And we could write it wrong like that! 
How funny to write it wrong while covering our thighs with these suits?!?! 
Let's do that.

I can't do it alone, guys. I can't old timey swimsuit alone. I will go too far. I'll be all 1850s and shizzle. With pantaloons. 

(Yes. Pantaloons.)

Beach weather. Awesome.

Friday, June 3, 2016

Lucky 13

On the day that you were born, your Da held you in long arms and loving gaze. He then went home and wrote you a letter. In that letter he said that the world was a better place for your being in it.


This is true.

Sweet Colleen, your very nature comes from the kindest of souls somewhere in our family tree.

Or perhaps you are the one to create its first root or its strong hold.

I have never known someone so calming as you.

I have never wanted to better myself in someone else's eyes as I have tried in your warm, deep blues.

I know I can be demanding.
I know that you are the reason I have learned to apologize.
I know that, for you, I have learned to outwardly accept myself.

You are quietly brave.
You are so amazingly funny!
You keep that close to you and I often dream that the world would see what we do.

Then I stop myself.
The world sees you as you want.

You've got this.


Your voice is so simple and sweet that when you sing, people listen to your warmth and feel your ease.

You are the best company one can keep.
You are the lighthouse in others' storms.

You question everything except your loyalty.

If I were 13, I would eat lunch with you and thank the world for you as my friend.


I did that 13 years ago when it was you and I in a new town.
I did that 9 years ago when your siblings were napping and we could sit together in the quiet.
I did that 4 years ago when we were starting in a new school and were both adjusting to it.

You accepted your role as big sister as you accepted your next breath. 

You are the peace-keeper.
You take the smaller slice.
You sit in the middle.
You give up your turn.

You suggest.
You encourage.

You are as selfless as humanly possible.

You have never been asked. It is simply your nature to nurture and appease.

You are the hearth of my heart.
I will always look for you.

In every school hallway, even after you have graduated.

On every couch with blankets and pillows on it, even after you have moved.

I will always look for you who became, in one day, my every breath, every joy, and every hug.

How did we get so lucky?