Tuesday, June 17, 2014

What I Learned This Year

In the ELA class this last week of school, the assignment was for the students to write about what they learned this year in Sixth Grade. I always jump at the free-write portion of this class and have made my own list, straying a bit from the exact lay out because I get to. I'm all growed up.

What I Learned This Year

What you think won’t be a good fit can end up feeling custom-made.

You can bear a loss far better than you worried you could not.

Life is better when you let go of Self sometimes and embrace Yes.

There is a regular person behind the green curtain- no matter what they portray on the big screen.

Math can be fun. Yes, it can. Just breathe.

Some people, no matter how old they have grown, remain immature.

Some people, no matter how busy, find time to listen and sit with one who needs a moment.

“I’m sorry” can be the same as saying “I love you” or “ you matter” or both. Or it can mean “I’m sorry”.

A regret will never follow counting to ten, or, better yet, counting to 600.

Change remains intimidating, but when mixed with an open mind and/or an open heart, it can be a practice in engaging with life.

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