Thursday, September 4, 2014

If It Isn't Yours, Then Don't Take It.

I wasn't sleeping well and decided to get up and fit in a huge chunk of reading time. While waiting for the sun to rise on my porch so I could see the pages, I was reading through some articles about the leaked pictures of Jennifer Lawrence and I got all agitated. So now I'mma gonna write.

I'm pretty sick of butt shots of the Kardasheans (sp?) and the Miley low cut tops with tongue to the side pictures. But, whatever. These women are comfortable putting themselves out there in that way which is their right to do. See-through dresses, reality shows, humping wrecking balls- have at it, ladies.

A woman like Jennifer Lawrence, though....she is just being an all around amazing actress, goofy pal, and great role model for the younger generations, thank the freaking lord. And now this. What a violation.

We know we live in a time where we have to be hyper vigilant about what we put out there because it stays forever and can be shared in the blink of a second thought. We have to teach children that what they share should represent their beauty- inside, and can violate their beauty- outside. They can make themselves victims without any breath of awareness.

What agitates me the most on this morning is the people who share and the people who look at these pictures. Does the thought of seeing JL naked sound appealing? Sure enough does! Does the thought of leering in her house to see her naked sound appealing? Nope. And that is essentially what the pictures are to me. I am not someone who feels that if someone drops something, it becomes mine. And she didn't even drop these. They were stolen. And so was her trust in what is around her. You know the panic she must have felt. She is someone's daughter.

I think, as I am wading through this, I feel like this is another example of how sometimes women exist for others solely as an object. As a desire. It is the moment when the human is lost. The value of the person is stepped on. I think about the times I have been grabbed at inappropriately by those I have known and not known when they had no business touching me. What makes me up as the person I am was non existent to them. I was purely a vessel with wide hips or freckled skin or whatever was fueling their want. My very SELF was disregarded.

So I will continue to not look at pictures. I will continue to hold the secrets friends trust with me. I will continue to talk to my children about privacy and mindfulness in their every action. I will continue to see the very self of people around me.

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