Friday, January 29, 2016

What I Did in School Today

Today in school...
I talked to parents and listened to their thoughts.
I talked to a child about my expectations, and he listened.
I freed a squirrel from a dumpster, flinging a door open and running away in convulsions.
I rubbed the back of a boy who was pushed down on purpose, "but that's ok".
I told the same boy that it wasn't ok, and he nodded his agreement.
I learned a mother's perspective on making hard choices for her child and why they worked.
I snorted so long and loud at lunch that children came to see what the noise was.
I had a conversation on how to handle the boy who sent a kid to the nurse with a carrot injury.
I saw through a master plan a student was trying to pull off.
I watched the snow swirl around, surprised at its sudden appearance.
I held hands with a friend when I learned of the sudden loss of our friend.
I rearranged classroom furniture knowing no change would change what I wanted.
I looked around my classroom and felt its every gift and comfort, given and received.

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