Thursday, May 12, 2016

I'm Caught

I am caught between 2 ages.

I am too old to feel this young and I am too young to feel this old.

It shows itself in my acne
and in my gray hair.

In 6th grade boys hurting my feelings
while "in my day...." trumpets in my head.

In the relish of leaving children alone at home
and watching them sleep in bodies too big too fast.

In needing a drink well earned
and being too sleepy to stay up for it.

In dancing around the house to music
and pressing hard on a counter to get up out of a chair.

It shows itself in wanting my Dad to hug and to listen to
and remembering I have been his pallbearer.

In talking my child through a tough social situation
and having to be talked through a tough social situation.

In my wolfing down of an ice cream cone
and in my inability to process it...politely.

In my waving my hands between two kids flirting to re-focus them
and in my running off to share what two kids were flirting.

In my excitement for Summer break to come
and in my need to schedule my Summer break

It shows itself in my tantrums
and it shows itself in my tantrums.

Feel free to add on......

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