Tuesday, May 27, 2014


I hate Tuesdays. I always have. You could say I am making it a self full-filling prophecy that Tuesdays will be the worst by stating and believing how much I hate them. Go ahead and say that and I will whisper, "Tuesdays are the worst. I am powerless to them!!"
I know I am not alone thanks to facebook and people agreeing with my laments or posting their own. We are out there. Tuesday haters.

Case in point. 
I woke with THIS song. From a dead sleep to waking before the alarm, birds chirping, eyes blinking, head pulsating to the inner beat of this song? How can that not be a Tuesday thing? Who has this song in their head? When was the last time you heard that song? Exactly.


My first memory of hating Tuesday was around the year 2000. It was so visceral that I know it had been there a long time before I could pin point it. I have a theory as to why Tuesdays are so lame: 

I actually don't mind Mondays. I am ready to go, have a lot of plans and energy and can get the most done on that day. Maybe that leaves me drained for Tuesday?

Most people hate Mondays so nothing is truly scheduled for that day which means Tuesdays get piled high with crap! Did you all not see my powerhouse Monday? I ain't got time for this, Tuesday!

Tuesdays are neither here nor there. Where are we on a Tuesday in relation to the week? To our LIVES!!!! (dramatic) We are waiting for the stupid camel jokes of Wednesdays and wading through the "could be worse....could be Monday" lies from those around us.  That is where.

And now you have today. A Tuesday disguised as a Monday. And I can be positive about how it is a four day work week. And I can enjoy the beauty of this morning on my porch where a hawk was just escorted noisily away by some smaller birds who weren't having it. I'm about to wake my sleepy children and make sandwiches and breakfast and brush and rake some hair. All so lovely. A fresh day that can be whatever I make of it! I do so appreciate all of that. Don't get me wrong.

But it is Tuesday. And Eddie Murphy is with me. So is my to do list which seems rather lame. So I shall sulk privately.....on my blog... and wish you all a wonderful week ahead.

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