Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Working Through My Complaint of the Day

Hello. How are you?

I have been very very busy working on not complaining. I'm not sure how great I am at it yet, and by saying that I know that I am not great at not complaining yet. BUT! I am aware that I am working on not complaining so much. So....yay! 

In my mind, 12 times a day at least, comes the phrase, "Damn autocorrect!" and I know I am not alone. In fact, some of the times that the phrase comes into my head is because I am reading it from a friend who is posting or texting. 
That autocorrect! 
Trying to freaking help us!! 
It can be so annoying. I was NOT trying to write english muffins! What the heck was I trying to write that autocorrected to english muffins? 
And sometimes it autocorrects to words I spelled wrong in the past but bypassed the correction it offered. Now the "wrong word" is saved in my phone. 

For example when, say, a boss texts, "Can you cover a MCAS make up?" 
The autocorrected response I write comes up as "suuuuuuuuuuuuuurey'aaaaaalllllllls!" 
instead of 


Oh my Lord. 
Damn you, autocorrect.

But this is when you got to flip it! This is when you have to get on top of the wave of complaining so it isn't crashing all around you....even with damn autocorrect! I mean, remember that time it helped you spell "bulbous" correctly? (Yes you do. Don't be difficult). Or when it uppercased "Christmas" for you because you were just too damn lazy to hit the shift key or the arrow thingy? Or saved you from writing "sceince class" instead of "science class" or, maybe even "seance class" (because who knows?)? 

Oh, it HAS been there for you. 
It has. 
"Fo" to "of". 
"Ot" to "it". 
"Live" to "love" or "love" to "live". 

That autocorrect is trying its best for you! And sometimes, if you really work with it, it can come to understand you. I, thankfully, am no longer hanging out, loving, and running errands with some guy named "Ron" like my iphone insisted. And sometimes if you let it lead the way, it can know you better than you know yourself. Maybe you are "hoppy? today. Ever think of that?

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