Thursday, November 12, 2015

First World Problems

Honestly, I have only been listening to the Starbucks cup debacle with one ear. I cannot give it more than that because it is about a cup with overpriced coffee in it and about not having a snowman or snowflake on it.
A paper cup.
It is about a paper cup.

While taking a road trip with my kids yesterday, my 12 year old asked me, "What are First World Problems?"
My response was, "A red cup."

I told the three kids what I knew about the cup controversy and how that is considered a First World Problem because meanwhile, there are people in the world who would just like a clean cup of water to drink. Just any old cup of basic need and yet someone is making a stink about their unnecessary  coffee cup for the next 2 months that they will add and add and add to our landfills. (I'm usually not all soapbox-y about stuff like that, but yesterday I was because....people are upset about a cup that is essentially trash while meanwhile, there are children rooting through trash to bring home food or fuel.)

I explained what a Third World was.

I explained the joys and simplicities we have as a family- our basic needs met and surpassed.

I explained that sometimes we get SO frustrated because a webpage takes forever to load and yet our bellies are full and we are sitting on our couch in a heated home.

I explained that it isn't always fair that the oldest gets the new phone or bike while the younger gets the hand-me-down, and yet we have bikes and phones and money to pay for that and funny thoughts to text and safe streets to ride around in.

I explained it is so easy to get wrapped up in the negative. To see only what  effects ourselves.
Our world.
First World.
And by taking a breath and enlarging our scope, one can always find perspective.

As we arrived at the huge retail candle mecca to make scented jars of fun, the conversation ended. My family is fortunate. I am not going to give my children a guilt complex or feel guilty about that. I just want to make sure that they see the forest through the trees; the world through the cups, so to speak.

And just in times for the holidays! (and paring down the wishlists)

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