Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Little B, Little B

I couldn't put my finger on it, but I knew something was missing...
Then, in my heart, I knew I had found that piece.

In a flash of brilliant sunlight, made up of all the world's kindness, the most earnest of hearts came forth on a Summer day:

Little B.

I thought that after he joined us we would feel the pull of the door close on our family. 
Instead, we all opened wide.

Brendan brought in the ham. 

He brought in the endless optimism we had never found so frequently in ourselves. 
He brought in possibilities.

He finds excitement in every day, in every thought, and in every opportunity.
He looks damn good in a suit, and he knows it.

B is number 3, and that suits him just fine. He took naps when he could find them.

He remains a lover of snuggles to the point that he named his teddy bear Snuggles.




Brendan is fascinated by emotion. He is the first comfort responder when there are tears. 
It was from his suit's breast pocket that came a handkerchief when he saw my reaction to my father being placed into the ground. 
He held it up for me to take and rubbed my back, never losing eye contact. 
He was 6 years old.

He is just so beautiful.

Brendan is wonderful company.

He loves to climb in bed to read to us.


He plays with those available to him, allowing himself to be outnumbered.

Brendan is a fortunate friend to have.

He jumps into any frame where the action is packed (or attention is focused).

Always needing to be seen.

Which has lead to his selfie craze...



which has yet to end.

We are amazed that he always achieves what he sets out for, whether it be a raffles basket, a vision made into reality, or a donut float he is unable to use anywhere.



                         (or cake at 10pm)

He also is so self-reflective. He explained to me one day that it is the getting that he loves more than the thing itself. He loves to win, but what he wins just fades after the excitement dies down. 
"Isn't that funny?" he asked. 
"I find it interesting." I said. 
"Yeah. That, too."

Little B, Little B. 
You are going to shine in the world. 
We are thankful we get to witness your life.
It is sure to be our favorite story ever to watch unfold.

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